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Alexander T. Adams
Assistant Professor
Office: TSRB 237


Rosa Arriaga
Associate Professor
Office: TSRB 236


Josiah Hester
Associate Professor
Office: TSRB 246

Omer Inan

Omer T. Inan
Office: TSRB 417


HyunJoo Oh
Assistant Professor
Office: CoD 254B


Thomas Ploetz
Associate Professor
Office: CODA E1564B


Agata Rozga
Senior Research Scientist
Office: CODA E1560B


Thad Starner
Office: TSRB 229

Affiliated Faculty


Gregory D. Abowd
Dean of the College of Engineering, Office of the Dean
Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Northeastern University

Sauvik Das

Sauvik Das
Assistant Professor
Carnegie Mellon University

Affiliated and Visiting Researchers


Ivan Riobo
Affiliated Researcher

Current PhD Students



Shruthi Hiremath
CS PhD, 2018-present


India Irish
HCC PhD, 2018-present


Tingyu Cheng
HCC PhD, 2019-present


Harish Haresamudram
ECE PhD, 2019-present

Jacob Logas

Jacob Logas
CS PhD, 2019-present

Jin Yu

Jin Yu
HCC PhD, 2020-present

Yuhui Zhao

Yuhui Zhao
CS PhD, 2020-present


Research Scientists and Visitors

Philip Schmidt – 2018-2019
Irene López – 2018-2019
Pietro Crovari – 2018-2018
Min-Young Chang – 2018-2018
Robin Quillivic, Ecole Centrale De Lille – October 2017-April 2018
Kaya De Barbaro – 2015-2017
Junyu Chen – July 2012-September 2012
Thomas Ploetz – 2011-2012
Jong Choi – 2010-2011
Agata Rozga – 2010-present
Tom Robertson – 2006-2009
Rosa Arriaga – 2006-present
Lamar Gardere – June 2005-January 2006
Annie Jacobs – January 2001-September 2002
Thomas O’Connell – May 2001-August 2003
Cory D. Kidd – May 2000-May 2001

Postdoctoral Fellows

Mario Romero – 2009-2012
Jaeseok Yun – 2006-2009
Hideyuki Nakanishi – 2005
Renata Fortes – January 2000-January 2001
Maria da Graca Pimentel – October 1998-January 2000
Yoshihide Ishiguro – October 1998-September 1999
Masayasu Futakawa – August 1998-August 1999
Daniel Salber – October 1997-September 1999
Mikiya Tani – September 1996-August 1997

PhD Graduates


Vedant Das Swain
Advisors: Gregory Abowd and Munmun De Choudhury


Youngwook Do
Advisors: Gregory Abowd and Sauvik Das


Dong Whi Yoo
Advisors: Gregory Abowd and Munmun De Choudhury


Nivedita Arora
Advisors: Gregory Abowd and Thad Starner
Assistant Professor at Northwestern University


Mehrab Bin Morshed
Advisors: Gregory Abowd and Thomas Ploetz
Senior Research Engineer at Digital Health Lab, Samsung Research America
Thesis: "Eating Behavior In-The-Wild and Its Relationship to Mental Well-Being"


Jungwook Park
Advisors: Gregory Abowd and Rosa Arriaga
Principal and Manager of the Future Technologies R&D group, Accenture Labs
Thesis: "Compute-proximal Energy Harvesting for Mobile Environments: Fundamentals, Applications, and Tools"


Udaya Lakshmi
Advisors: Rosa Arriaga
Design Researcher at Microsoft
Thesis: "Warm Solutions: Medical Making and Collaborative Infrastructure for Care"


Hayley Evans
Advisors: Rosa Arriaga
Principal UX Researcher at SemanticBits
Thesis: ""


Hyeokhyen Kwon
Advisors: Thomas Ploetz and Gregory Abowd
Postdoctoral Fellow at Emory University
Thesis: "Deriving Sensor-based Complex Human Activity Recognition Models Using Videos"


Dingtian Zhang
Advisors: Gregory Abowd
Senior Scientist at Hyperfine
Thesis: ""


Ceara Byrne
Advisors: Melody Moore Jackson and Thad Starner
Postdoctoral Fellow at MIT and Brigham and Women's Hospital
Thesis: ""


Matthew Hong
Advisors: Rosa Arriaga and Lauren Wilcox
Research Scientist at Toyota Research Institute
Thesis: "Designing Collaborative Mobile Health Experiences for Adolescent Patients."


Cheng Zhang
Advisors: Gregory Abowd and Omer T. Inan
Assistant Professor at Cornell University
Thesis: ""

Gabriel Reyes
Advisors: Gregory Abowd and Keith Edwards
Research Scientist at Apple
Thesis: “Enabling One-Handed Input for Wearable Computing”

Joelle Alcaidinho
Advisors: Gregory Abowd and Melody Jackson
Research Scientist at Intel Labs.
Thesis: “The Internet of Living Things: Enabling Increased Information Flow in Dog—Human Interactions”

Aman Parnami
Advisors: Gregory Abowd and Betsy DiSalvo
Assistant Professor at IIIT Delhi.
Thesis: “Enabling In Situ & Context-Based Motion Gesture Design”

Yi Han
Advisors: Gregory Abowd and John Stasko
Assistant Professor at the National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan.
Thesis: “Understanding Visual Analysis Processes from User Interactions using Visual Analytics”

Arridhana Ciptadi
Advisors: Gregory Abowd and James Rehg
Engineering/Machine Learning Researcher at Truera.
Thesis: “Interactive Tracking and Action Retrieval to Support Human Behavior Analysis”

Edison Thomaz
Advisors: Gregory Abowd and Irfan Essa
Assistant Professor at University of Texas, Austin.
Thesis: “Automatic Eating Detection in Real-World Settings with Commodity Sensing”

Hwajung Hong
Advisors: Gregory Abowd and Rosa Arriaga
Associate Professor at KAIST, Korea.
Thesis: “Specializing Social Networking Services to Support the Independence of Adolescents and Adults with Autism”

Advisors: Gregory Abowd and Rosa Arriaga
Senior User Experience Researcher at Google.
Thesis: “Supporting in- home collection and sharing of behavior specimens for diagnostic assessment of children with Autism”

Tae-Jung Yun
Advisors: Gregory Abowd and Rosa Arriaga
User Experience Manager at HP.
Thesis: “Using Ubiquitous Communication Technology to Improve Pediatric Asthma Management”

Svetlana (Lana) Yarosh
Advisor: Gregory Abowd
Associate Professor at University of Minnesota.
Thesis: “Supporting Remote Synchronous Communication Between Parents and Young Children”

Fatima Boujarwah
Advisors: Gregory Abowd and Rosa Arriaga
Assistant Professor at Kuwait University.
Thesis: “Facilitating the Authoring of Multimedia Social Problem Solving Skills Instructional Modules”

Erich Stuntebeck
Advisor: Gregory Abowd
VP of Research for AirWatch in Atlanta, GA a division of VMWare.
Thesis: “An Analysis of the Domestic Power Line Infrastructure to Support Indoor Real-Time Localization”

Tracy Westeyn
Advisors: Gregory Abowd and Thad Starner
Currently working for NSA.
Thesis: “Child’s Play: Activity Recognition for Monitoring Children’s Developmental Progress with Augmented Toys”

Ping Wang
Advisors: Gregory Abowd and Jim Rehg
Research Scientist at ObjectVideo.
Thesis: “Social Game Retrieval from Unstructured Videos”

Mario Romero
Advisor: Gregory Abowd
Associate Professor in Computing at KTH in Sweden.
Thesis: “Supporting Human Interpretation and Analysis of Activity Capture Through Overhead Video”

Shwetak Patel
Advisor: Gregory Abowd
Washington Research Foundation Entrepreneurship Endowed Professor in the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Departments, University of Washington.
Thesis: “Infrastructure Mediated Sensing”

Julie Kientz
Advisor: Gregory Abowd
Professor and Chair of the department of Human Centered Design & Engineering at the University of Washington.
Thesis: “Supporting Data-based Decision-Making for Caregivers through Embedded Capture and Access”

Gillian Hayes
Advisor: Gregory Abowd
Professor and Robert A. and Barbara L. Kleist Chair in Informatics at University California, Irvine.
Thesis: “Documenting and Understanding Everyday Activities through the Selective Archiving of Live Experiences”

Jay Summet
Advisors: Gregory Abowd and Jim Rehg
Currently a full-time instructor with the College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology.
Thesis: “Virtual Rear Projection: Improving the User Experience with Multiple Redundant Projectors”

Kris Nagel
Advisor: Gregory Abowd
Formerly a tenured Associate Professor at Georgia Gwinnett College. Currently Academic Professional in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Georgia Tech.
Thesis: “Using Availability Indicators to Enhance Context-Aware Family Communication Applications”

Giovanni Iachello
Advisor: Gregory Abowd
Director of Product at Meta
Thesis: “Privacy and Proportionality”

Lonnie Harvel
Advisor: Gregory Abowd
Formerly Vice President of Educational Technology, Georgia Gwinnett College. Deceased: November 4, 2010.
Thesis: “Using Student Generated Notes as an Interface to a Digital Repository”

Khai Truong
Advisor: Gregory Abowd
Professor at University of Toronto.
Thesis: “INCA: An Infrastructure to Support the Generation, Preservation & Use of Memories from Everyday Life”

Heather (Richter) Lipford
Advisor: Gregory Abowd
Professor in Dept. of Information Science at University of North Carolina Charlotte.
Thesis: “Designing and Evaluating Meeting Capture and Access Services”

Robert Waters
Advisor: Gregory Abowd
Full-time instructor in the College of Computing at Georgia Tech.
Thesis: “Obtaining Architectural Descriptions from Legacy Systems: The Architectural Synthesis Process (ASP)”

Jason Brotherton
Advisor: Gregory Abowd
Was Assistant Professor at Ball State University, 2001-2002. Awarded British Society Postdoctoral Fellowship 2002-2006. Now living as Clio Soleil.
Thesis: “Enriching Everyday Activities through the Automated Capture and Access of Live Experiences: eClass: Building, Observing and Understanding the Impact of Capture and Access in an Educational Domain”

Jennifer Mankoff
Advisor: Gregory Abowd
Was Assistant Professor in Computer Science at UC Berkeley. Was Professor in the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. Currently Richard E. Ladner Endowed Professor in Computer Science and Engineering at the Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington.
Thesis: “An architecture and interaction techniques for handling ambiguity in recognition-based input”

Anind Dey
Advisor: Gregory Abowd
Was Professor and Charles M. Geschke Director of the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. Currently Dean and Professor University of Washington iSchool.
Thesis: “Providing Architectural Support for Building Context-Aware Applications”

Richard Kurt Stirewalt
Advisors: Gregory Abowd and Spencer Rugaber
Formerly Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, Michigan State University. Currently VP Application Architecture at LogicBlox.
Thesis: “Automatic Generation of Interactive Systems from Declarative Models”


Other PhD Alumni (Visitors and Special Problems)

Hao-Ping (Hank) Lee – 2021-2022
Jiawei Zhou – 2020-2022
Dan Scarafoni – 2018-2022
Weiren Wang – 2014-2018
Fereshteh Shahmiri (advised by Gregory Abowd) – 2018-2019
Richard Li (advised by Gregory Abowd) – 2018-2019
Eui Min Jung – 2017-2019
Jonathan Bidwell (co-advised by Gregory Abowd and Agata Rozga) – 2012-2014
Sisil Mehta (co-advised by Gregory Abowd and Irfan Essa) – 2010-2011
Hee Young Jeong (co-advised by Gregory Abowd and Rosa Arriaga) – 2008-2011
Karthir Prabhakar (co-advised by Gregory Abowd and Jim Rehg) – 2009-2011
Jeremy Brudvik – 2009-2010
Kevin Moloney – 2008-2010
Rongheng Lin – 2008-2010
Zhigang Hua – 2006-2008
Xuehai Bian – 2002-2005
Tarang Taunk – Summer 2004-Fall 2004
Laercio Augusto Baldochi, Jr., Alessandra Alaniz Macedo, Jose Antonio Camacho-Guerrero – Spring 2003
Caroline Gattein – Spring 2001-Spring 2002
Lenin Singaravelu, Mohamed Mansour, Rajat Sharma – Spring 2002
Rudinei Goularte – Fall 2001
Tanisha Hall – Fall 1999-Fall 2000
Jochen Rick – Summer 1999
Bolot Kerimbaev – Spring 1999
Patrick Widener, Tanisha Hall, Bolot Kerimbaev – Winter 1999
Mike Cramer – Spring 1998
Jason Ellis, Rebecca Yount, Joshua Berman – Winter 1998
Jason Ellis – Fall 1997
Dav Haas, Jason Ellis – Spring 1997
Ron Hutchins, Dav Haas, Jason Ellis, Sunil Mishra – Winter 1997
Lara Catledge, Reggie Hobbs, Viren Shah – Fall 1996
Reggie Hobbs – Spring 1996
Andy Wood – Spring-Fall 1996
Scott McCrickard, Qiang Zhao, Colleen Kehoe, Anind Dey, Reggie Hobbs – Winter 1996
Zongming Fei, Colleen Kehoe, Reginald Hobbs – Fall 1995
Jun Yan, Colleen Kehoe – Summer 1995
Jim Pitkow – Winter-Spring 1995
Allison Elliott – Winter 1995

MS Alumni

Hong Li (advised by Thomas Ploet and Gregory Abowd) – 2017-2020
Samruddhi Shreeram Kulkarni (advised by Thomas Ploet and Gregory Abowd) – 2019-2020
Peter McAughan (advised by Gregory Abowd) – 2018-2020
Madhuri Bhavana (advised by Gregory Abowd) – 2018-2020
Hue Watson (advised by Thomas Ploetz, Rosa Arriaga and Sauvik Das) – 2018-2019
Michelle Ma (advised by Gregory Abowd) – 2017-2019
Qiuyue Xue (advised by Gregory Abowd) – 2016-2019
Caleb Southern (advised by Gregory Abowd) – 2018
Richard Li (advised by Gregory Abowd and Keith Edwards) – 2016-2018
Vedant Das Swain (advised by Gregory and Caleb Southern) – 2016-2018
Anandghan Waghmare (advised by Gregory Abowd and Thad Starner) – 2016-2018
Yiran Ma (advised by Rosa Arriaga) – 2016-2018
Diego Osorio (advised by Gregory Abowd) – 2016-2018
Sumeet Jain (advised by Gregory Abowd and Thad Starner) – 2016-2018
Shishir Chawla (advised by Thomas Ploetz) – 2017-2018
Xuewen Yao (advised by Gregory Abowd and Cheng Zhang) – 2016-2018
Kshitish Deo (advised by Gregory Abowd and Gabriel Reyes) – 2016-2017
Nikita Juneja (advised by Gregory Abowd and Gabriel Reyes) – 2016-2017
Tara Ramanan (advised by Gregory Abowd and Gabriel Reyes) – 2016-2017
Pratik Shah (advised by Gregory Abowd, Gabriel Reyes and Aman Parnami) – 2016-2017
Sarthak Ghosh (advised by Gregory Abowd and Gabriel Reyes) – 2015-2017
Larry Chan (advised by Gregory Abowd) – 2015-2017
Aaron Quek (advised by Gregory Abowd and Gabriel Reyes) – 2016
Amol Parikh – 2016
Raj Prateek Kosaraju (advised by Thad Starner and Abdelkareem Bedri) – 2015-2016
John Hinkel – 2015-2016
Jonathan Shaw – 2015-2016
Apurva Gupta – 2015-2016
Abdelkareem Bedri – 2014-2016
Nivedita Arora – 2014-2016
Manasvi Lalwani – 2014-2016
Ivan Riobo – 2012-2015
Arpita Bhattacharya (co-advised by Gregory Abowd and Agata Rozga) – 2013-2015
Rushil Khurana – 2013-2015
Anhong Guo – 2012-2014
Aman Parnami – 2012
Ravi Karkar – 2012
Alex Lynch – 2011
Jennifer Kim – 2010-2012
Gregory Garrett – 2010-2011
Dani Rayan – 2010
Sidhant Gupta, Mayank Garg, Mayank Goel, Hyorim Park – 2008-2009
Yi Han, Sumit Savla, Sidarsun Kannan, Hwajung Hong – 2008-2009
Aaron Bozorg, Sudarsun Kennan, Shreyansh Gandhi, Sumit Savla – 2008
Jan Gillesen, Roel Hendrikx and Bart van den Boogard – Fall 2008
Sidhant Gupta, Mayank Garg, Mayank Goel, Hyorim Park, Yi Han, Alicia Nachmann – 2007-2008
Sunyoung Kim – 2006-2008
Dounia Berrada – 2006-2007
Arwa Tyebkhan – 2006-2007
Ellen Matthews, Tejesh Patel – Spring 2006
Moritz Köhler – Spring 2006
Jennifer Wiley – Fall 2005
Ja-Young Sun – Summer 2005-Fall 2005
Sebastian Boring – 2004-2005
Janna Kimmel, Yelena Nakhimovsky – Spring 2005
Lamar Gardere – 2004-2005
Jeremy Johnson – 2004-2005
Michael Biebl – 2004
Peter Jensen – Spring 2004
Tunc Aydin, David White – Spring 2004
Hemanshu Narsana – Fall 2003
Alessandra A. Macedo, Jose Antonio Camacho-Guerrero – Spring 2003-Summer 2003
Matthias Gauger, Andreas Lachenmann – Spring 2003-Summer 2003
David White – Summer 2002-Spring 2003
Michael Holloway – Summer 2002
Othmar Lehman – Spring 2002-Summer 2002
Niels van Hese – Spring 2002-Fall 2002
Molly Stevens – Fall 2001-Spring 2002
Pallavi Garg – Spring 2002
Ramswaroop Somani – Fall 2001-2003
Gabe Hoffman – Fall 2001-2002
Venkataswaraman Ramachandran – Fall 2001-2002
Florian Vollmer – Fall 2001
Arpit Agarwal – Fall 2001
Agathe Battestini – Spring 2001-Spring 2003
Kuleen Mehta – 2000-2002
Thomas O’Connell – 2000-2002
Gregory Krohne – 1999-2000
Alessandra Macedo, Fulvio Parmejjani, Daniel Pires – Summer 1999
Vishal Dalal – 1998-1999
Irwin Coleman – Winter 1999
Roy Rodenstein – 1997-1998
Pascal Schuchhard – 1997-1998
Joerg Lepler, Peter Ilberg – Winter 1997
Johan LeMon, Tommy Enqvist – Summer 1997
Ben Arnette, Joseph Bayes – Spring 1997
Mike Pinkerton – 1996-1997
Lein Ton – 1996-1997
Valerie Guth, Wasim Khan – Fall 1996
Sue Long, Rob Kooper, Savita Chandran, Yoosuf Goolamabbas, Ami Feinstein – Winter 1996
Wasim Khan – Summer 1996
Mike Pinkerton, Wasim Khan, Rob Kooper, James Seymour – Spring 1996
Sue Long – 1995-1996
Nitin Sawhney – 1995-1996
Harinarayanan Balakrishnan – Summer 1995
Kipp Jones – Spring 1995
Dietmar Aust – 1995-1996

Undergraduate Alumni

Pramod K Kotipalli (advised by Thad Starner and James Rehg) – 2016-2019
Jihllika Kumar (advised by Rosa Arriaga) – 2017-2018
Peter Koplik (advised by Rosa Arriaga) – 2016-2018
Victor Chen (advised by Gregory Abowd and Gabriel Reyes) – 2016-2019
Nicholas Stoltzfus (advised by Gregory Abowd and Aman Parnami) – 2016-2017
Casey Barnette (advised by Gregory Abowd and Aman Parnami) – 2016-2017
Joshua Morton (advised by Gregory Abowd and Aman Parnami) – 2016-2017
James Jonghan Park (advised by Gregory Abowd and Aman Parnami) – 2016-2017
Vishvak Murahari (advised by Gregory Abowd and Aman Parnami) – 2016-2018
Saqib Ali (advised by Gregory Abowd and Aman Parnami) – 2016
Danrui Sun (advised by Gregory Abowd and Cheng Zhang) – 2016 summer intern from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China
Safa Quadri (advised by Rosa Arriaga) – 2016-2018
Bailey Bercik (advised by Gregory Abowd, Cheng Zhang and Gabriel Reyes) – 2016-2018
Aditya Vishwanath (advised by Thad Starner)
Jason Wu (advised by Rosa Arriaga, Gregory Abowd, Thad Starner, and Gabriel Reyes) – 2016-2018
Azra Ismail (advised by Gregory Abowd and Alan Dingtian Zhang) – 2017-2018
Rayner Kristanto (advised by Rosa Arriaga) – 2016-2017
Jolena Yao (advised by Rosa Arriaga) – 2016-2017
Dilara Soylu (advised by Aman Parnami) – 2016
Alex Lynch – 2010-2011
Pamela Overman, Jason Bennett and “jlb” – Spring 2009
Caitlin East – Fall 2008
Roman Savaryn, Kate Rosier – Summer 2006
Roman Savaryn, Arwa Tyebkhan – Spring 2006
Tejesh Patel, Ellen Matthews, Roman Savaryn, Ping Taing, Tina Chou – Fall 2005
Asif Ladak, Jonathan McAbee Reher, Sunil Venkataram, Lauren Griffin, Forest Andrew
Skaggs, Derek DeRaps – Spring 2005
Tim Dorr, Kevin Kane , Nate Padgett, Eric Derenne, Axel Molina, Ping
Taing, In Jae yi, Robert, Soe Htet, Will Clarke, Akash Shah, and Jarvis Greene,
Shamsuddim Lakha – Spring 2005
Brian Adle, Patrick Jarrett, John Ndukuba, Forest Andrew Skaggs, Carlo Tambuatco, Jaime
Yap, Irfan Kassam – Fall 2004
Matt Balaun, Ray Cole, James Gaythwaite, Cory Jacobsen – Fall 2004
William Allen, James Robert Farmer, Trevor Mann – Spring 2004
Abiodun Otolorin, Ian Port, T. Scott Saponas – Spring 2004
John Bunch, Kyle Forkner, Logan Johnson, Tiffany Johnson and Michael Rosack – Spring 2004
Mohammad Ashraf, Meghan Byrne, Adam Gent, Christopher Gooley – Fall 2003
Pavel Kremer, T. Scott Saponas, Wen Tian – Fall 2003
Timothy Morton, Jonathan Razza, David Sharpe, Kevin Wong – Fall 2003
William Allen, Kanishk Kapur, Ian Port, John Woehler – Fall 2003
Mark Bernardi, Aldrian Harjati, Pavel Kremer, Christianto Widjaja – Fall 2003
Shwetak Patel, Jesse Shieh, Nasir Barday, Tim Hardcastle – Spring 2003
T. Scott Saponas, Trayton Otto, Adrian Abraham, Branden Hughes – Spring 2003
Robert Martoncik, Dino Tufekcic – Spring 2003
Shwetak Patel, Jesse Shieh, Nasir Barday, Scott Saponas – Fall 2002
Trayton Otto, Samir Kaushal, Harold Owen Noll, Borna Safabaksh – Fall 2002
Shuo Wang, Johnny S. Yen, Mohammed Ashraf, Lloyd Engebretsen, Lev Parnas – Fall 2002
Randall Hutchison, Kamal Patel, Shwetak Patel, Jesse Shieh – Summer 2002
Shuo Wang, Liang Wen, Johnny Yen – Summer 2002
Christopher Gooley, Seth Lilavivat, Belinda Nambooze – Spring 2002
T. Scott Saponas, Timothy Bethea, Logan Hauenstein, Branden Hughes – Spring 2002
Robert Martoncik, James McDuffie, Tali Padan, Hossein Sharifi – Spring 2002
Maxwell Speyer, Andrew Wightwick, Christopher Geisler – Spring 2002
Peter Jensen – Summer 2001-Spring 2002
Cheryl Kay Holifield, Jamonica DeRamus – Summer 1999
Cory Kidd – Winter 1999-Summer 1999
Mark Chapman – Winter 1999
Gregor Altvater, John Desetto, Colin Waters – Fall 1998
Mike Holloway, Thinh To, Lynn Bacher and Jimmy Nesmith – Spring-Summer 1998
Janak Bhalodia, Ahmad Aslami, Khai Truong, Dale Everett, Vergilia Chin and Paul Gulley – Fall 1997-Spring 1998
Paul Gulley, Darin Heuerman, Jonathan Somers – Spring 1997
Jason Anderson, Jason Pierce, Kristin, Chris Reynolds – Fall 1996-Winter 1997
Caleb Billingsley, Tristan Jackson, Stephen Rushton – Winter-Spring 1997
Thierry Ways, Kyle Phillips, Yonatan Feldman – Fall 1996-Winter 1997
Paul Gulley, Jonathan Somers, Jason Hong – Winter 1997
David Chow, Darin Heurmann, Jason Hong – Fall 1996
Paul Gulley, Dale Everett, Scott Campbell – Summer 1996
Casey Powell, Greg Hankins – Summer 1995
Matt DiIorio, John Lindsey – Winter 1995