Get Involved

Current GT students interested in grad/undergrad research:

We are always looking for passionate students interested in becoming part of our group. If you are already working with someone in our group and only want to sign up for the mailing lists, see instructions in the section below.

You can directly email any of the individuals listed in the people page or under current research projects. Alternatively, you can contact the entire lab (faculty and graduate students) using the button below if you are looking for research experience and would like to find a project to work on.


Join our group meetings:

A great way to get involved with our group is to join our group meetings. You’ll have a chance to meet faculty members and other students in the lab. We host guest speakers, discuss and brainstorm ideas, and present project updates. Our lab meeting details are below:

  • Semester: Fall 2021
  • Day: TBA
  • Time: TBA

Signing up for our group mailing list:

Once you’ve met with one of the faculty members and/or students in the group to collaborate and work on a project, they will ask you to sign up for our group mailing lists to receive all group communications.

GT Ubicomp Group Mailing lists

  • Faculty
  • PhD students
  • MS+BS students

To sign up for the mailing lists, request access using the button below. The mailing lists admin will grant access to one of the lists below as soon as possible.

If you're alumni, please join this alumni mailing list.

GT Ubicomp Group Slack channel

Our group uses Slack as a group communication medium. If you want to join in, please contact Dong Whi Yoo ( and briefly explain your projects and advisors.

Prospective PhD students interested in Georgia Tech:

Please contact the affiliated faculty directly with any inquiries about the Ubiquitous Computing group and opportunities for graduate research opportunities at Georgia Tech. You can also reach out to individual students to inquire about their work.

Media Inquiries:

Please contact the affiliated faculty directly for media inquiries.

Student Lab Roles:

Reach out if you need help with anything. Here is our list of lab roles for 2020/2021:

  • Webmaster and mailing lists admin – Dong Whi Yoo and Jung Wook Park
  • External relations, visibility, demos/posters – Ceara Byrne and Nivedita Arora
  • Group meeting coordinator – Youngwook Do
  • Workshops, hack-athons, write-athons – Hyeokhyen Kwon
  • Social event coordinator – Mehrab Bin Morshed, Vedant Das Swain, and Jiawei Zhou
  • Lab/equipment manager – Jung Wook Park and Tingyu Cheng

Media Kit:

For high-quality headshots, photos and logos, please download the GT Ubicomp media kit below.